What is a Virtual Office? Your Virtual Office guide

What a typical office looks like has evolved over the past decade, from the rising prominence of open plan design, to the introduction of serviced offices and co-working spaces. But another office type which is seeing rising popularity is the virtual office - and for good reason.

If you are wondering what a virtual office actually is, then you are not alone. Whilst thousands use our virtual office service, we know there are plenty of businesses out there who aren’t aware of the potential solution a virtual office space can offer them. 

A virtual office is a way to have an address associated with your business, without committing to a physical office space. But aside from that, a virtual office with Orega comes with many more features and benefits for your business…


The point of a virtual office is to provide you with a registered business address, so you needn’t disclose your home address to clients, or rent a physical space if you don’t require it. You will also find that with Orega’s virtual offices there are many other beneficial services at your disposal, too. 

The virtual office services you can access with Orega include - 

  • Business Address
  • Business Phone Number
  • Postal Mail Handling and Forwarding 
  • Call Handling and Forwarding
  • Access to Orega Business Lounges and other Office Facilities for Up to Three Hours a Day
  • Discount on Bookable Meeting Rooms
  • Professional Receptionists at our Buildings
  • 24/7 Personalised Voicemail Service


Even with all these excellent services at your disposal, you may still be wondering if your business really requires a virtual office. But there are many virtual office benefits for your overall business which we believe do make it a worthwhile endeavour.

For many smaller businesses, or companies just starting out, choosing a virtual office can be the most sensible option. Providing your business with a registered address, in a desirable location, without having to foot the overhead costs of rent and utilities. Allowing your business the space to grow, without the costs. 

You might choose to set up your virtual office in a prestigious industry location - without the sometimes prohibitive cost of property rent. For example, our Gracechurch Street property is a popular location choice for those in the insurance industry. If you are in the oil and gas industry, selecting an Aberdeen virtual office will be good for your business reputation.

Having a well-respected, recognisable business address at an Orega building can give fledgling businesses a larger presence too, encouraging new clients to invest. When you are a smaller team, a virtual office can also be beneficial by ensuring you never miss an important call. Our highly trained receptionists take calls for you, when you can’t make it to the phone.

Choosing a virtual office over a serviced office allows your business to embrace remote work, whilst still maintaining an official business address. It’s the perfect solution for the changing approach to work.

Another benefit of a virtual office is how fast they are to set up! You can register for one quickly, without the worry of moving in and setting up bills - ideal when you need to get your business a foot in the door promptly. Plus, if and when you are ready to transition to a physical serviced office for your team, upgrading your package with Orega is a hassle-free process. 

Virtual offices aren't for everyone, but they can offer the perfect solution for many, many businesses. Get in touch today to find the best solution for you and find out more on how a virtual office could benefit your business.



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