COVID-19 has had huge impacts on the way people work, including where they work. The usual offices we are all used to have been empty over the last few months and many businesses have been run from the homes of their employees. For some, working remotely hasn't been an option and therefore meant they've had to close the business completely. In any case, serviced offices have taken a hit by this global pandemic, but how does office space look for the future?

Whilst these sudden changes have forced businesses to learn a new norm, it has proved for many that working remotely can lead to the same success. The question of whether employers should allow employees to work from home has been argued for years. In 2013 Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer sparked a debate around the subject when she announced that she was no longer allowing her employees to work from home. Since then, major companies such as Dell have welcomed a flexible work culture, revealing that since 2014 they have made $12 million in annual savings by doing so. 

COVID-19 has led companies to take the plunge and trial flexible working and it seems to have proven successful for most. Earlier in May, social media platform Twitter announced they were allowing their staff to work from home forever if they wanted - a huge step in flexible working. Today's technology enables colleagues to easily communicate, meaning teams can work together in real-time from home. Whilst in the past productivity levels in remote workers have been scrutinised, recent studies show that employees are actually more productive. In fact, research shows that remote employees work an additional three weeks of the year than those in the office.

But how will employers keep the professional business image without an office? Introducing virtual offices. Virtual offices allow businesses to work remotely whilst still having the benefits of a serviced office. Not only will you be able to choose your most desired postcode, but you'll also benefit from other services depending on your provider's packages. For example, here at Orega, we offer a number of services at affordable rates, including:

MyOrega Mail

  • A business address
  • Marketing images
  • Mail collection
  • Reception team 
  • Option to add 'scan to email'

MyOrega Business Address

  • MyOrega Mail features
  • Registered business address
  • Business lounge access
  • Free refreshments
  • Free wifi
  • 10% discount on meeting room hire

MyOrega Virtual Office Pro

  • MyOrega Business Address features
  • Dedicated phone number
  • Incoming calls
  • 24-hour voicemail
  • 20% discount on meeting room hire

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