Seal of the company

A company seal, also known as a corporate seal, is a device or emblem that is used to emboss or stamp official documents to indicate the authenticity and authority of the company. The seal typically includes the name of the company, the year of incorporation, and other identifying information.

Historically, company seals were used to authenticate legal documents and agreements, such as contracts, deeds, and share certificates. The seal would be pressed onto the document, leaving an impression that indicated that the document had been approved and authorized by the company.

In many jurisdictions, the use of company seals is no longer legally required, but some companies may still choose to use them for ceremonial or symbolic purposes. The use of company seals is more common in certain industries or types of businesses, such as law firms or companies involved in international trade.

If a company chooses to use a company seal, it is important to keep it secure and to limit access to authorized individuals. The company seal should only be used to authenticate official documents and should be stored in a secure location when not in use.

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Company incorporation

March 24, 2023

Company incorporation refers to the process of legally creating a new corporation or company. This process involves registering the business with the relevant government authorities and obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to operate legally. The specific steps required to incorporate a company vary by jurisdiction, but generally include the following: The process of incorporating […]

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Registration certificate

March 24, 2023

The register of directors typically includes the following information: In general, a registration certificate may include the following information: Other details: The registration certificate may include other information such as the nature of the business, the names of the owners or directors, and the date of expiration or renewal. A registration certificate is typically required […]

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Company Formation & Registration

March 24, 2023

Company formation and registration is the process of legally creating a new business entity and registering it with the appropriate government agency. This process typically involves several steps, which may vary depending on the jurisdiction and type of business entity being formed. Here are some common steps involved in company formation and registration: Once your […]

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