From Big Little Lies to Stranger Things, these are 10 epic TV homes

From Big Little Lies to Stranger Things, here are 10 epic TV homes that have captured the attention and admiration of viewers:

Monterey Five's Oceanfront Mansion (Big Little Lies): The stunning oceanfront mansion that the Monterey Five call home is an iconic location in the popular HBO series. This property features sweeping ocean views, modern architectural design, and luxurious finishes.

The Dunphy House (Modern Family): The Dunphy house, where the main family of the popular sitcom resides, is a spacious and welcoming property with a classic design and warm decor. It features multiple living areas, a large backyard, and a pool.

The Byers House (Stranger Things): The Byers house, located in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, is a quaint and cozy property that serves as the main location for many key scenes in the hit Netflix series.

The Bel Air Mansion (Fresh Prince of Bel Air): The Bel Air mansion, where Will Smith's character lives in the classic '90s sitcom, is a sprawling and luxurious property with a grand entrance, multiple living areas, and a pool.

The House in the Woods (Ozark): The secluded and rustic house in the woods that serves as the main location for Ozark is a key part of the show's atmosphere and aesthetic. The property is surrounded by natural beauty and features a dock and boat launch on the lake.

The Rosebud Motel (Schitt's Creek): The Rosebud Motel, where the Rose family resides in the popular comedy series, is a rundown and quirky property that becomes an unexpected source of growth and transformation for the characters.

The Dragonfly Inn (Gilmore Girls): The Dragonfly Inn, where Lorelai and Sookie operate their bed and breakfast in the beloved series, is a charming and cozy property that serves as a central location for many key moments in the show.

The Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (Grey's Anatomy): The hospital that serves as the main location for Grey's Anatomy is a modern and sleek property with state-of-the-art medical facilities, bustling hallways, and dramatic patient rooms.

The Bluth Family Model Home (Arrested Development): The model home that the Bluth family attempts to sell in the classic comedy series is a sprawling and over-the-top property with exaggerated features and a sense of ridiculousness that is central to the show's humor.

The Shelby Family Estate (Peaky Blinders): The stunning estate where the Shelby family lives in the period crime drama Peaky Blinders is a grand and opulent property with lavish interiors, sprawling gardens, and a sense of old-world charm.

In conclusion, these 10 epic TV homes are memorable and iconic properties that have captured the attention and imagination of viewers. From luxurious oceanfront mansions to quaint family homes and over-the-top model homes, these properties serve as key locations for some of the most beloved and popular TV shows of recent years.

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